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Your door jamb is weak and most locks only screw into this.

Intruders know that a firm kick to the door will split the door jamb and open it. The FBI reports that 70% of home break-ins are through the front door.

Securastrike works by boring into the strength of the door frame.

At a fraction of the cost of an expensive alarm or an over-priced lock system, SECURASTRIKE uses the door frame’s strength to secure your door.

Securastrike uses the power of Shear Force to stop a break-in.

Just like a picture hanger holds up a heavy picture, SECURASTRIKE uses a very simple principle of physics called Shear Force to resist huge forces like a door kick-in.

YES! it works. It’s battering ram tested. 

SECURASTRIKE is rated against a 40lb battering ram. Our tests prove the durability and protection of the SECURASTRIKE.

What you get in a box:


2 x Adjustable Strike Plates

8 x 3″ Steel Screws


ONLY $49.99

Wow! That’s for 2 in a box!

Stop Door Kick-Ins with SECURASTRIKE

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